Besides encouraging the dissemination of new independent films and emerging creators, Novos Cinemas commits itself to putting in place an environment for discussion on cinema. #Encontros intends to be a permanent platform for dialogue; a meeting point where the different actors of the cinema scene –members of the audience, filmmakers, programmers, professors, etc.– can share their experiences and reflect upon the present and future of cinema. 

#Encontros will take us closer to the work processes of two filmmakers. On the one hand, we will get to know first-hand the next project by one of the Galician film makers who arouses the most expectations, Andrés Goteira. On the other, we will have a relaxed talk about archival cinema with the filmmaker Nuria Giménez Lorang, author of one of the most fascinating works of 2019, My Mexican Bretzel. A meeting moderated by the festival team and in which members of PROXECTA and CREA will participate. This activity will complete the offer of this fifth edition of Novos Cinemas.


17 December | 11:00h. a 12:30h. | Museo de Pontevedra



Director, scriptwriter and editor, Andrés Goteira is a founding partner of Gaitafilmes production company. After directing several short films, he made, together with his partners and friends, his first feature film, Dhogs (2017), a feature film that won thirteen Mestre Mateo Awards and was showcased at prestigious international festivals such as Sitges, Morbido, D’A and BIFFF. After this success, he began to develop his next project, Welcome To Ma Maison, a documentary which is in the post-production phase. At the same time, he is working on two fictional feature films, Starmucks and Monstruo.

Welcome To Ma Maison narrates the story of Igor Fernández, an actor who temporarily withdraws from acting after suffering an emotional breakdown. After this traumatic event, Igor begins to write a book on the non-verbal language of the hands in Nicolas Winding Refn’s filmography. His goal will not be to live on through the images that pulse on a screen, but to meet his idol and write the final chapter of his book. Andrés will talk about his working method and will present, exclusively, images of this suggestive project.

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18 December | 12:00h. a 13:30h. | Museo de Pontevedra



Nuria Giménez (Barcelona, ​​1976) studied Journalism, International Relations and Documentary Production. She has lived in Berlin, Paris and London. She has done all kinds of jobs, press and radio correspondent, nurse, horror film extra, teacher, stewardess, copywriter, book translator, press analyst, corporate video director, event producer, and so on. Kafeneio, her first documentary short film, was selected in DocumentaMadrid 2017 and in MIDBO 2017. My Mexican Bretzel is her first feature film.

In a second meeting, which will be also open to the public, Nuria Giménez will reflect on her immersion in the sensory waters of archive cinema. An experience in which concepts such as recontextualisation and reinterpretation form the backbone of one of the most suggestive and unique feature films of 2019, My Mexican Bretzel.

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19 December| 12:00h a 13:30 | Museo de Pontevedra

A conversation direct  by the festival team and in which members of PROXECTA (the Galician Coordinator for Film Festivals) and CREA (the Galician Association of directors and filmmakers) will weighing the pros and cons of the online film distribution.

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