16 Decembro | 11:30h | Museo de Pontevedra 

Fabric, paper and needle

There is no cinema without trades. Films are complex mechanisms in which each of the gears works thanks to the help of the others. In fact, films are projects where cooperative work is essential.

Among the numerous departments involved in the construction of a film, the costume designer stands out: it’s the one and only in charge of designing and finding the ideal costume for each of those characters we will see on the movie screen. Their work is essential to give them life, to define their personality and enhance their physical and psychological traits, as well as to define the aesthetics and the historical period in which the feature film takes place.

In essence, this work contributes to shaping the visual narrative of the films at both a denotative and connotative level. For this reason, a thoughtful design helps the imagination of filmmakers and screenwriters to materialize in images, and it helps certain characters to remain in our memory forever.

Fabric, paper and neddle is a workshop that will show that costumes are a powerful tool, as they shape both the atmosphere of the film and the presence and personality of the characters. Starting from these premises, we will develop an activity where the transition from two to three dimensions will be experienced, promoting creativity through a work of plastic expression in which imagination and freedom will be the main premises.

taller abierto is a collective formed by two architects that has been developing artistic and cultural projects since 2013. Among its activities are the organization of training courses for teachers, curating exhibitions, and educational workshops in museums and private institutions. Its work in the field of education also includes the production of teaching materials on different topics in physical and audiovisual support. For them, public space and the landscape can be a driving force for learning, that is why they also implement projects in which they are main characters.