13 DEC
12.00 h.
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Q&A with the filmmaker

APRIL, GREEN, YELLOW (Abril, verde, amarillo)

Argentina | 2023 | 60’ |  Colour INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE

Dir: Santiago Aulicino. Gn/Sc: Santiago Aulicino. Ftg/Cph: Ana Roy, Miguel de Zuviría. Mt/Ed:  Miguel de Zuviría. Msca/Msc: Santiago Aulicino, Pablo Francisco Mera. Son/Sound: Gabriel Real. Intp/Cast: Ingrid Pokropek, Maxi Passarelli, Santiago Aulicino, Nicolás Schujman, Ana Montes, Eugenia Gonzalía, Lautaro García Candela, Sebastián Aulicino, Julián Setton, Paula Saidón, Martina Ruiz. Prdc/Prdt: Ingrid Pokropek. Prod/Comp: 36 caballos, Universidad del Cine.

An agoraphobic musician, locked up in his home, begins to live with a shadow cast on his wall; a shadow that has a life of its own. Meanwhile, between jobs, music, scripts, gymnasts, and volleyball matches, the musician’s friends go on with their lives during the beginning of autumn in Buenos Aires.

Santiago Aulicino (1994, Buenos Aires) graduated as a film director from the Universidad del Cine (FUC), where he is currently a professor. He directed the short films Ejercicio sobre la ciudad (FICIC, 2017), Mientras Bode toca el piano  (Festifreak 2017), and the feature film A fines de Agosto (2021). Abril, Verde, Amarillo (2023), his second feature film, had its world premiere at the FECC (Córdoba Film Festival).

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