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Canada | 2022 | 90´ |   Colour |  GALICIAN PREMIERE

Dir: Antoine Bourges. Gn/Sc: Antoine Bourges, Teyama Alkamli. Ft/Cn: Nikolay Michaylov. Mt/Ed: Lindsay Allikas. Son/Sound:  Ian Reynold, Ogo Eze. Intp/Cast: Hussam Douhna, Amani Ibrahim, Abdullah Nadaf, Lynn Nantume. Prdc/Prdt: Shehrezade Mian, Meelad Moaphi. Prod/Comp: General Use Films Ltd.

Rashid, a doctor from Syria, struggles to adjust to his life in Canada after five years in Toronto’s Thorncliffe Park with his wife Farah and son Ammar. While he tries to hold on to his old identity by working as an unlicensed doctor for his neighbours, Farah becomes more involved in their community.

Antoine Bourges is a Paris-born filmmaker currently based between Toronto and

Vancouver. He is an alumnus of Berlinale Talents, TIFF Filmmaker lab, and the New YorkFilm Festival’s Artist Academy. His films navigate the intersection of documentary and fiction cinema, with an emphasis on human relations within institutional systems. His shorts, Woman Waiting (2010) and William in White Shirt (2015), along with his mid length film East Hastings Pharmacy (2012), have screened in festivals across North

America and Europe, including the Berlinale, TIFF, Viennale, Ann Arbor and NY Museum Of Moving Images. His first feature, Fail to Appear (2017), was presented at Art of theReal, Cinéma du Réel and BAFICI, among other festivals. It was released theatrically in Canada in 2018. His second feature Concrete Valley had its World Premiere at TIFF Wavelengths (2022).



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