1917 – DER WHARE OKTOBER (1917- the real october)

17 DEC

17.00 h.

Teatro Principal

Q&A with the filmmaker and Tonina Matamalas


Germany, Switzerland | 2017 | 90´ | Colour | GALICIAN PREMIER

Dir: Katrin Rothe. Gn/Sc: Katrin Rothe. Ftg/Cph: Robert O.J. Laatz, Thomas Schneider, Björn Ullrich, Markus Wustmann. Mt/Ed: Silke Botsch. Son/Sound: Anders Wasserfall. Mús/Msc: Thomas Mävers. Voices: Maximilian Brauer, Steve Hudson, Hanns Zischler, Michael Morris, Claudia Michelsen, Nicolaia Marston, Martin Schneider, Trevor Rolling, Arne Fuhrmann, Paul Bendelow. Gg/Stor: Caroline Hamann. Arte/Art: Dennis Hannig. Des per/Char des: Jonathan Webber. Des vest/Cost des: Hélène Tragesser, Alma Weber, Lydia Günther, Doris Weinberger, Tamari Bunjes, Maria Steimetz. Anim: Lydia Günther, Lisa Neubauer, Caroline Hamann Gabriel Möhring Matthias Daenschel, Jule Körperich, Karin Demuth, Kirill Abdrakhmanov, Caterina Wölfle, Donata Schmidt-Werthern Thurit, Antonia Kremer, Maria Szeliga.  Prod: Katrin Rothe, Werner Schweizer, Peter Roloff. Prodc/Comp: Katrin Rothe Filmproduktion, Dschoint Ventschr Filmproduktion AG, Maxim Film

1917. Anger is brewing in the streets of the Russian capital. In February, the Tsar is toppled. In October, the Bolsheviks were in power. What role was played by artists such as Maxim Gorky and Vladimir Mayakovsky during that period? Five of them are brought to life in the form of paper cut-out silhouettes and recount how they lived through that turbulent period, participating in salons, committees, and street riots.

Katrin Rothe (1970, East Germany) is a writer, filmmaker, and producer based in Berlin. She studied Experimental film-making at the Udk (Berlin) and at the Central St. Martins (College of Art and Design, London). She is a freelance filmmaker and has primarily directed feature-length documentaries since 2003. Katrin Rothe Filmproduction arose from the company Karotoons, a creative start-up from 2001 that was the first to create internet animations in Germany. Within the production of unconventional animated content, styles, and formats, a special know-how has formed for producing mixtures of fiction and documentaries with a certain amount of animation.  1917 – The Real October was screened in Anneçy IAFF (France), Manchester IF (UK), FANTOSCHE IAFF (Swiss), Bucheon IAFF (Korea), CinAnima (Portugal) or FICXIXÓN (Spain), among others. Her last long feature, Johnny & Me – A Journey through Time with John Heartfield, had its world premiere in Anneçy, and screened in Animage (Brazil) and DOK Leipzig (Germany), among others.


Annecy IAFF 2017. Feature Films Out of Competition

Arras FF 2017. European Discoveries Plan Séquence

CinAnima IAFF (Portugal) 2017. International Competition

Bucheon IAFF (Korea) 2017

FICX (Gijón) 2017

Russian Filmweek London 2017. Golden Unicorn Award

Meknes AFF (Morocco) 2018 

Cairo International Animation Forum 2018