// Shortfilms from the HELENA GIRON and SAMUEL DELGADO’s workshop

13 DEC.
Teatro de Pontevedra

Shortfilms from the HELENA GIRON and SAMUEL DELGADO’s workshop


Some of the films that touch us and go through us could be defined like this. Films in which narration and experience coexist, affecting each other, trying to offer us new paths and perspectives on what surrounds us.
During the time that the workshop lasted, and through the continuous interaction between practice and theory, we explored sources that approached cinema from a broad and heterodox perspective, and in which associative language and sensitivity played a capital role.
Starting from the motto that image and sound magnetize and structure cinematographic creation, the students explored several ways of interaction and relationship between both to choose the ones most in line with their initial objectives.
In this sense, the students developed ten short film projects that were conceived and formalized throughout different stages or phases in which this workshop was structured.
In the first session, a context was formulated that favoured the immersion and the aesthetic-thematic inspiration of the students. The main objective of this session was for each student to discover “models” of cinematographic expression that could stimulate both the genesis of their proposal (the driving idea) and its subsequent formulation.
In the second meeting, an initial viewing of the films was promoted, checking that some short films were in a larval stage, while others showed significant progress in their process of ideation and construction. The session allowed us to advise and guide each project in detail with the intention of promoting the most suitable methodologies for its future development, avoiding distorting the essence and casuistry of each proposal.
In the third and last session, we proceeded in a similar way of manual workers and artisans, completing fittings and polishing details towards the final assembly of each short film for its subsequent public screening at the inaugural session of the seventh Edition of Novos Cinemas.

Holding a degree in Audiovisual Communication and a master’s degree in Film and TV Screenwriting from the Carlos III University of Madrid, the filmmakers, researchers, teachers and audio-visual artists Helena Girón (1988, Santiago de Compostela), and Samuel M. Delgado (1987, Tenerife), show the ties established between mythology, history and materialism. Their short films -Plus ultra, Montañas ardientes que vomitan fuego, Sin Dios ni Santa María, among others- were screened at festivals such as Toronto, Locarno, New York, Ann Arbor, etc., securing awards at the Festival des Cinémas Différents, in the Media City Film Festival or the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Festival, among others.
In terms of video installation and performance, they came up with proposals for prestigious contemporary art centres such as the CCCB (Barcelona), BAM (New York), TELA (Tenerife) or Solar (Vila del Conde). Their first feature film, Eles transportan a morte (2021), had its world premiere at the Biennale de Cine (Venice), obtaining awards at this festival, at Zinemaldia (San Sebastián International Film Festival) or at Novos Cinemas (Pontevedra), among others. Afterwards, the film was exhibited in exceptional competitions such as those in Rotterdam, Cairo, Mar del Plata, Viennale, Hamburg or São Paulo.
Helena and Samuel have been teaching for several years at the ECAM, The Madrid Film School, at the EQZE, Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, San Sebastián, and at the IFIC, Institute of Cinematographic Training and Research of Tenerife.