13 Dec.
Teatro Principal


France | 2023 | 70´ |  Cor | SPANISH PREMIERE

Dir: Michael Salerno. Gn/Sc: Michael Salerno. Ft/Cn: Paul-Anthony Mille. Mt/Ed: Michael Salerno. Son/Sound: Theodore Celardo, Jean-Charles Bastion. Mús/Msc: James Rushford. Intp/Cast: Ange Dargent, Nathaniel Spender, Alexandra Courquet, Adrien Ledoux, Lara Boric. Prdt/Prdc: Kevin Rousseau, Michael Salerno. Prod/Comp: Local Films, Kiddiepunk.

A teenager plays an online “suicide game” where he must complete fifty challenges in fifty days.

Michael Salerno (1979, Australia) is an artist, filmmaker and cinematographer who lives and works in Paris, France. His work as a visual artist has been widely exhibited and published in countless magazines and books. His films and video installations have been shown in numerous galleries and festivals across the USA, Australia and Europe. As a cinematographer, he collaborated with American novelist Dennis Cooper and visual artist Zac Farley on their two feature films, Like Cattle Towards Glow (2015) and Permanent Green Light (2018). Three monographs of his photography and collage art have been published: Home (2013), Childhood (2015), and Hate (2020). The Masturbator’s Heart is Michael’s first feature-length film.


General Use Films Ltd..

Kiddiepunk | Michael Salerno |


FiDMarseile  2023. First Film Competition