Besides encouraging specialized training programs, the dissemination of independent quality films, and the interaction between filmmakers, professionals of the cinema industry, and the audience, Novos Cinemas commits itself to putting in place an environment for discussion on cinema and the cinema industry –a strategic sector with great cultural and economic relevance.

#Encontros intends to be a permanent platform for dialogue; a meeting point where the different professionals of the cinema industry can share their experiences, exchange their know-how, and reflect upon the present and future of cinema. 

28 JUNE //


16:00h | Casa da Luz


Presentation of Víctor Paz’s book on the New Galician Cinema, which was co-edited by Cinema 23 (Mexico) and Ourense International Film Festival (OUFF). Víctor Paz will be accompanied by the young Galician filmmakers Jaione Camborda and Anxos Fazáns.



20:30h | Casa da Luz


Presentation of the cinema initiative FLOP and the novel 22 segundos (Eva mejuto).
Concert by Canela Cafuné.


01 JULY //


10:30h | Casa das Campás


Presentation of Diana Toucedo and Álvaro Fernández Pulpeiro’s projects. The two Spanish filmmakers will join us to present and discuss their own work and share fragments of their most recent films, which have not been officially released yet.

Presentation 01: Diana Toucedo
Diana Toucedo is a well-known Galician filmmaker and film editor based in Barcelona. Her filmography includes the feature documentary En todas as mans and short films like Imaxes secretas and Homes. This year she will be presenting part of her latest project, Puerto Deseado –a very personal film now in post production.

Presentation 02: Álvaro Fernández Pulpeiro
Álvaro Fernández Pulpeiro is a Galician filmmaker, writer, and architect. He attended the prestigious Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. In 2014 he released Sol Mihi Semper Lucet, a poetic short documentary filmed in the west of Texas. Pulpeiro, who participated in the first edition of Novos Cinemas’ #LAB, is currently working on the last details of his first feature, Nocturno, an evocative film on the Port of Montevideo and its inhabitants.



12:15h | Casa das Campás


A round table devoted to discussing the influence of specialized training in the emergency of new filmmakers, with an emphasis on the kind of works that usually stem from educational platforms and environments.

With the participation of:
Gabriel Azorín (Hellín), filmmaker (Los Mutantes, Colectivo Lacasinegra, ECAM)
Xisela Franco (Vigo), filmmaker and coordinator of 35.ESAV’s master’s degree in cinema.
Nely Reguera (Barcelona), filmmaker and professor (María y los demás, Cinema en Curso, ESCAC)
Sergi Moreno (Barcelona), producer and professor (Lastor Media; Universitat Pompeu Fabra; Universitat Ramón Llull)



13:30h | Casa da Luz


An informal meeting of filmmakers and creators, brought together for exchanging opinions and discussing self-production and self-distribution in the independent filmmaking scene. The event will be conducted by a team of representatives of CREA (Galician Association of Filmmakers).