Encouraging film literacy and the dissemination of film culture has been one of Novos Cinemas’ main purposes since the creation of the festival. That is why, in collaboration with the Vice Rectorate of Campus de Pontevedra, we continue to strengthen #AULA –a comprehensive training program devoted to promoting film literacy and the exchange of experiences between the professionals of the film industry and learners of all ages.
#AULA’s educational offer includes a complete range of workshops, screenings, and Q&A sessions with filmmakers and professionals of the cinema industry.
The audiovisual pieces crafted by the participants of Habitar un rostro/O xesto dun encontro, the workshop facilitated by the Basque filmmaker Jaione Camborda during the first quarter of the academic year, will be shared with the audience to boost the visibility of our young talented local filmmakers.

This year we’ll be introducing our brand new collaboration with ECAM, one of the most prestigious film schools in our country, with a workshop conducted by the renowned cinematographer Santiago Racaj. During this theoretical and practical workshop, participants will dive into the notions of gaze and cinematographic narrative, and how they are constructed in a film.