JOHNNY & ME: EINE ZEITREISE MIT JOHN HEARTFELD (Johnny & Me – A Journey Through Time With John Heartfield)

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Q&A with the filmmaker e tinina Matamalas

Johnny & Me – A Journey Through Time With John Heartfield

Alemaña, Austria, Suíza | 2023 | 100´ | Cor  | ESTREA EN ESPAÑA

Dir: Katrin Rothe. Gn/Sc: Katrin Rothe. Ftg/Cph: Thomas Eirich-Schneider. Mt/Ed: Hannes Starz and Katrin Rothe. Son/Sound: Luis Cotallo. Mús/Msc: Micha Kaplan and Thomas Mävers. Gg-Dis-Arte/Stor&Des&Artw: Lydia Günther, Tonina Matamalas, Caroline Hamann, Gyula Szabo. Mar-Vest/Pup&Cost: Anne-Sophie Réamy, Werner Kernebeck, Lisa Sinram. Marn-Voces/Pupp&Voices:  Michael Hatzius and Dorothee Carls. Xf prod/Prod man: Bettina Morlock, Susanne Berger, Sereina Gabathuler. Px sec/Sec char: Konrad Weiße, Benjamin Swiczinsky. Prod: Gunter Hanfgarn, Andrea Ufer, Ralph Wieser, Sereina Gabathuler, Werner Schweizer. Prodc/Comp: HANFGARN & UFER, Mischief Films, Dschoint Ventschr. 

The graphic designer Stefanie finds herself in a creative crisis: boring advertising assignments and a boss who does not value her work. On a visit to a museum, she is magically attracted by the satirical photomontages of the world-famous, and Nazi opponent, John Heartfield. Then the miracle happens. She ends up in his studio, where she finally picks up scissors and paper again. An adventurous journey through Heartfield‘s extraordinary life.

Katrin Rothe (1970, East Germany) is a writer, filmmaker, and producer based in Berlin. She studied Experimental film-making at the Udk (Berlin) and at the Central St. Martins (College of Art and Design, London). She is a freelance filmmaker and has primarily directed feature-length documentaries since 2003. Katrin Rothe Filmproduction arose from the company Karotoons, a creative start-up from 2001 that was the first to create internet animations in Germany. Within the production of unconventional animated content, styles, and formats, a special know-how has formed for producing mixtures of fiction and documentaries with a certain amount of animation. 1917 – The Real October was screened in Anneçy IAFF (France), Manchester IF (UK), FANTOSCHE IAFF (Swiss), Bucheon IAFF (Korea), CinAnima (Portugal) or FICXIXÓN (Spain), among others. Her last long feature, Johnny & Me – A Journey through Time with John Heartfield, had its world premiere in Anneçy, and screened in Animage (Brazil) and DOK Leipzig (Germany), among others.

Katrin Rothe 

Franz-Mehring-Platz 1

10243 Berlin (Germany)

Tel: +49 163 472 4111 |


Annecy IAFF 2023. Feature Films Contrechamp in Competition

FANTOCHE (Baden, Switzerland) 2023. Extras

Animage IAFF (Recife, Brasil) 2023

DOK Leipzig 2023. International Competition Animated Film