#aula+novos // naclase

The context we are currently living in, as unusual as it is unwanted, did not allow Na Clase to bring cinema to the habitats of teaching and learning: the classrooms of education centres.

For this reason, and with the firm intention of alleviating this deficit, the festival’s training team designed a program, adapted to the various education levels (kindergarten, primary school, secondary school), which can be implemented in the classrooms by the teaching teams of the various education centres that collaborate with us.

The activities that make up this program are linked to the beginning of the history of cinema, specifically to a period known as pre-cinema: a time in which research on visual perception, locomotion… and the compulsive obsession with imaginary representation of movement made possible the future birth of cinema.

Combining the dissemination of content and concepts, direct interaction with the object of study and entertainment, we aspire, with this proposal, to generate the necessary framework for students to get to know and enjoy a phase, as scientific as it is magical, without which it would be impossible to understand the genesis and subsequent development of cinema as an art and a means of communication.