#LAB Projects


Spain | Second film

Direction: Rocío Mesa.
Production: My deer films.
Current Status: Writing, developement.

The landscape of the rural area of Vega de Granada in the south of Spain is scattered with giant, empty mysterious constructions. Local people of all ages invite us to explore them and discover their secrets.

Rocío Mesa (Granada, 1983) is a Spanish filmmaker. Her first feature film, Orensanz (2013), which was nominated for Best Andalusian Documentary Film, has been screened at international festivals such as BAFICI, SEFF, and Alcances Film Festival. Mesa was granted with the Talentia scholarship to a end the New York Film Academy of Los Angeles. She worked as a producer for the International Documentary Association and has founded her own Production company in Spain, My Deer Films. Now based in Los Angeles, Mesa is the director of L.A. OLA, “a showcase of the most outstanding and innovative contemporary Spanish films”.


Contacto: rociomesa@gmail.com



Spain, France, Mexico | Second film 

Direction: Liliana Torres.
Production: Miss Wasabi Films.
Current status: Seeking funds.

Lili has been in a stable relationship for two years now. Everything seems to be alright… but she still does not feel happy. This feeling of incompleteness that is certainly not unknown to her remains an unanswered question: what did we do wrong?

Liliana Torres (Vic, 1980) is a Spanish filmmaker. A er graduating from ESCAC, she received a scholarship to pursue her studies in Mexico, where she specialized in documentary filmmaking. During the seven years she lived in Mexico, Torres developed a professional activity as a filmmaker, screenwriter, film editor and producer. In 2012 she moved back to Spain and directed her first fiction feature film (Family Tour) premiered at San Sebastián International Film Festival (2013). Family Tour earned her the Critics Award at Rec Film Festival, and the Best European Film Award at Crossing Europe Film Festival.


Contacto: rmisswasabi@misswasabi.com



Colombia | Second film

Direction: Ángela Osorio/Santiago Lozano.
Production: Ángela Osorio.
Current Status: Postproduction.

In the jungles of Colombia’s Pacific region lies Timbiquí, a village inhabited by Afro-Colombians –once slaves in the mines and now miners themselves. Along the riverbanks, a few villagers continue to prospect using the same rudimentary tools handed down to them by their ancestors. They trust the divine will or the magic of Chango to guide them to a new mine.

Ángela Osorio and Santiago Lozano both graduated in Social Communications from the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia. They co-directed several short and medium-length films together. Siembra (2015) is their first feature film premiered in Locarno 2015.


Contacto: barbarafilms@gmail.com


Spain, Colombia | First film

Direction: Álvaro Fernández-Pulpeiro.
Production: A cuarta parede.
Current Status: Development.

Para os mariños de Montevideo que perderon de vista o horizonte, o porto é máis que o seu fogar. Dorme con eles, susténtaos e aliméntaos, mais unha vez que abren as súas pálpebras todo morre nesa claridade que atafega as pupilas e disipa os soños. As súas esaxeradas ficcións marítimas son coirazas que os protexen dunha bela pero tráxica inxenuidade. A distancia carcome tanto como o sal.

Álvaro Fernández-Pulpeiro (Foz, 1990) realizador, escritor e arquitecto que actualmente reside en Bogotá, Colombia. Cursou estudos na prestixiosa Architectural Association School of Architecture de Londres. No verán do 2014 filma no oeste de Texas un documental-poema chamado Sol Mihi Semper Lucet, seleccionado en festivais como Play- Doc, CurtoCircuito, L`Alternativa ou o Porto Post-Doc.


Contacto: afpulpeiro@gmail.com