Los exiliados románticos

Los exiliados románticos + TULSA en concerto

The romantic exiles

02 Xullo | 23:00h | Praza da Pedreira


Three Spanish friends drive from Madrid to France on board an old van for no apparent reason. Along their journey, the three characters will meet up with women that were once their lovers and get involved in nonchalant romances that radiate the ephemeral aura of a pop song. The Romantic Exiles is a fresh, lively film shot “on the fly”: a dreamlike and somehow childish adventure sprinkled with instants of mature reflection. An exquisite cinematographic dream to enjoy on a midsummer night under the starry skies of Pontevedra!



España | 2015 | 70’ | Color | Blu-ray

Direction: Jonás Trueba. Script: Jonás Trueba. Cinematography: Santiago Racaj. Editing: Marta Velasco. Sound: Eduardo G. Castro. Music: Tulsa. Cast: Vito Sanz, Renata Antonante, Francesco Carril, Isabelle Stoffel, Luis E. Parés. Production: Javier Lafuente, Lorena Hernández Tudela. Production Company: Los Ilusos Films.


Jonás Trueba (Madrid, 1981) ) is a young Spanish writer and filmmaker. He was nominated for the Goya Award for Best Promising Director for his film Todas las canciones hablan de mi (2010). The wishful Thinkers (Los ilusos, 2013) was acclaimed by the public and the critics at film festivals around the world. He has worked as a screenwriter for Víctor García León and Fernando Trueba, and has directed several music videos for Spanish artists such as Nacho Vegas (La gran broma final) and El Hijo (Balada baladí). He is currently shooting his fourth feature film La reconquista.