The retrospective exhibition of this first edition is devoted to the celebrated Catalan filmmaker josé Luis Guerin, whose work is key to understanding the true essence of contemporary cinema. his polysemous and eclectic films are an invitation to explore the aesthetic experience of cinema in a pleasant and fertile way.

Guerin perfectly embodies the spirit of Alain Bergala’s passeur: a passionate mentor dedicated to pass his knowledge on to his disciples. Guerin’s strong understanding of filmmaking and remarkable love for cinema and art in all its forms resonate in all his films. he shows an outstanding ability to resolve the long-standing conflict between fiction and non-fiction cinema, blurring the borders between both styles. The images he creates successfully combine beauty, sensitivity, and deep reflection.

José Luis Guerin, is a Spanish film producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, film editor, and filmmaker in search of new forms of narrative and dramaturgy at the border of fiction and non-fiction. He has explored several formats, such as art installations for museums (Venice Biennale 2007). In 2001, he received the Spanish National Award for Film Directing. As a lecturer, he has been invited to conduct workshops at universities and film schools all over the world.


Selected filmography_

Los motivos de Berta (1984), Souvenir (1986, short), Innisfree (1990), Tren de sombras (1997), En construcción (2001), En la ciudad de Sylvia (2007), Unas fotos en la ciudad de Sylvia (2007), Guest (2010/11), Correspondencia Jonas Mekas – J.L. Guerin (2011), Dos cartas a Ana (2011, short), Le Saphir de Saint-Louis (2015, short), La academia de las musas (2015).