Master class: Luis Aller

Luis Aller’s Workshop


03 July | 17:00h | Teatro Principal

Making films from agony. From distress. With a narrative lyricism so delicate and frail, and yet so passionate and fervent, bursting with exceptional dramatic intensity amidst the dust of unstoppable emotional stampedes and hallucinated flashes… Such is the essence of Nicholas Ray’s cinema. Such is perhaps the essence of Cinema.

Ray’s They live by night is the first film ever to be made as though it were to be the very first or the very last its creator would ever make. The title itself reveals –both factually and allegorically– the genuine character of the universe living within the film: a universe where rebels without a cause wander through a lonely place and keep knocking on any door, only to find bitter victories on a dangerous ground from where they can’t go home again. All the elements Ray’s cinema is made of –his framing, his compositions, his use of light, his camera movements, his conception of space– seem to be the very first or the very last captured by the director. All of them glow with hope and are marked with the imprint of a discovery, just like first times are. And still they convey that deep sense of urgency and determination of those who know that this time might be their last, that if they do not speak now, they shall hold their words forever.

Godard called Ray “le cinéaste bien-aimé”. Starting with his debut film, we will review a selection of key moments in Ray’s masterpieces, and reflect upon several other very first and very last films by major filmmakers.


Luis Aller. He was born in Toral de los Vados, León, in 1961. Dedicated to reflection and cinema from an early age in 1979, he made his first short film, Breve trayectoria de unas aspas de molino. Between 1982 and 1985 he worked on the magazine Dirigido por. In 1985 he made the awarded medium-length film El sistema de Robert Hein and in 1989 his first feature film Barcelona, Lament, with which he won the Sant Jordi award for the Best First film. In 2009 he founded the Bande à part Film School in Barcelona, of which he is director and also a lecturer. Over the last twenty years he also worked on the construction of Transeúntes, premiered in the Official Selection at Bafici in 2015.