3, 2, 1… ACTION!

14 December | 11:00h| Museo de Pontevedra

For children between 8 and 12 years

The first film screenings were based on optical illusions generated by toys such as the magic lantern or the zoetrope. These were rudimentary devices with which the illusion of movement was recreated through the superimposition of images. These principles were used in animated films that, in essence, generate the visual sensation of a movement that doesn’t really exist. Today, the audiovisual industry has access to advanced techniques for creating animations that accurately reproduce gestures and movement. 


In this workshop, we invite participants to go on a journey with us, and take a leap in time back to the beginning of cinema in order to create a story with images in an artisanal way. Participants will discover how to create an experimental animation starring famous film characters that will come to life thanks to GIFs, a user-friendly technology available for all kinds of learners.


Taller Abierto  (Pontevedra, 2013) is a collective devoted to designing and implementing art and cultural projects. Their experience in the art field includes organizing workshops, guided visits, and events, as well as coordinating learning networks and curating exhibitions. In the field of education, they focus on designing specialized programs for developing learning and social integration skills through visual arts and architecture, and have put into place several conferences and seminars on these topics.