28 Xuño | 11:00h | Afundacion | Free entrance until complete capacity

In this second edition, Novos Cinemas renews its commitment with one of the most exciting educational programs in Spain: Cine en Curso/Cinema en Curs.

Cinema en Curs is a structural training program devoted to film education and targeting primary and secondary school students. We are currently working with international students from 8 to 18 years old. The workshops take place during school hours throughout a school year, and are conducted by a team of teachers in collaboration with a filmmaker.

Founded in Catalonia in 2005 by the cultural association A Bao A Qu, today Cinema en Curs has international presence, bringing together students from Catalonia, Galicia, Madrid (Spain), Argentina, and Chile, and well-renowned filmmakers like Jonás Trueba, Nely Reguera, Carla Simón, Lluís Galter, and Miguel Mariño. In Galicia Cinema en Curso was implemented in 2013 and is now coordinated by CGAI within the framework of Plan Proyecta, an initiative put in place by the Regional Ministry of Education and University Management.


With films developed by primary and secondary students from the following schools and high schools:

CEIP Tenorio (Cotobade) – 5º de pimaria: Terra dos Arxinas

IES de Poio (Poio) – 4º de ESO: Co devalar

CEIP A Rúa (Cangas) – 6º de primaria: Entre redes

Escola Riera de Ribes (Sant Pere de Ribes, Barcelona) – 4º-5º-6º de primaria: Tres dies

IES Rey Pastor (Madrid) – 1º de BAC: In crescendo