Mariana Barassi, María Zamora and Jorge Coira, advisers in NovosCinemas#LAB

Novos Cinemas’ orientation programme for novice filmmakers, which will take place on July 1st and 2nd, will count with the counseling of Mariana Barassi, María Zamora and Jorge Coira. These professionals will bring their point of view and experience and help creators make the most of their projects.
Mariana Barassi (Buenos Aires, Argentina) is the head coordinator in the Ibermedia Programme Development Course, as well as responsible of MRG//WORK at Márgenes Festival. María Zamora (Valencia, Spain) works as executive producer at AVALON Film Producing. Jorge Coira (Lugo, Spain), director, writer and editor, is currently the president of CREA, Filmmakers Association of Galicia.
This activity is a part of Novos#Encontros, a section which will encompass roundtables, presentations and other activities, presenting a unique opportunity for Galician professionals (current and future) to establish contact with international experts.
Inscription for the #LAB is open to filmmakers from around the world, as long as the project they want to develop constitutes their first or second work. The inscription deadline is in 10 days, on April 29th.