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12 Decembre | 12:30h | Teatro Principal 

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Argentina | 2019 | 82’ | Color  | GALICIAN PREMIÈRE

Dirección/Direction: Eloísa Solaas. Guión/Script: Eloísa Solaas. Fotografía/Cinematography: Esteban Clausse. Montaxe/Editing: Eloísa Solaas, Pablo Mazzolo. Música: Leandro Arrarás. Son/Sound: Nahuel Palenque. Intérpretes/Cast: Jonathan Argüello, María Alché, Demián Velazco Rochwerger, Ailén Federico, Juan Brizuela. Produción/Production: Eloísa Solaas. Productoras/ProductionCompanies: Darwin Cine, Maravilla Cine.

Students from different careers prepare to take final exams. Botany, anatomy, sociology, medieval philosophy, criminal law, morphology, theoretical physics and piano. Each one uses their resources to cope with the disturbing situation of oral exposure, the most common evaluative practice in national universities in Argentina. Throughout the moments of waiting in the corridors and between the drama and the absurdity of each exam the subjects begin to find unexpected relationships.





BAFICI 2019 – Competencia Oficial Argentina, Mejor Dirección

ZINEBI –  Premio Zinebi First Film


Eloísa Solaas graduated in Image and Sound Design and did a master’s in Art History at UNSAM. She directed a segment of the collective film Bacanal (1999). Las Facultades is her first solo feature.