España, Colombia | First Film

Dirección/Direction: Cordelia Alegre
Productión: Rara Colectivo
Estado/Current status: Desarrollo/ Development

Cecilia and Juliana, 18, are twin sisters raised in Barcelona. They travel to their birthplace, Colombia, to meet their paternal family. Cecilia sees the journey as an opportunity to learn more about their father. Juliana needs somewhere to be her true self, a hiding place to escape her mother’s illness

Cordelia Alegre (Barcelona, 1991)  graduated in Audiovisual Communication from Universitat Pompeu Fabra with her final project La distancia de los nombres. She then obtained a Master’s Degree in Documentary Filmmaking, and is currently working as an assistant director for Neus Ballús. Alegre also co-founded Asociación Nadir, an association for education focused on audiovisual learning. Her film La unión was selected for Cali’s Ibero-American Screenwriting Residency and was premiered at Bogotá’s Audiovisual Market.


Contacto: cordelia.alegre@gmail.com


España | First Film

Dirección/Direction: Pablo García Canga
Estado/Current status: Escritura / Writing

Ada, 20, works at a call center. She sometimes hangs out with one of her coworkers, Gaspard. Gaspard is a drummer in an amateur rock band, and a helpless liar. He is also in love with Ada… Ada’s sister, Nora, barely leaves the house, and when she does is to visit the hospital. She struggles with her mental illness and with her damaged will to live. But Ada’s got an idea: Gaspard and Nora should definitely meet! She makes a plan and makes it happen. Gaspard and Nora talk, lie, make things up in their head… They’re good together. Maybe it’s love…

Pablo García Canga (Madrid, 1981) graduated in Film Direction from La Fémis. He wrote and directed several short films (La nuit d’avant, De l’amitié, Retrato en dos tiempos, Pissing Territories, Para Julia…), and has worked as a screenwriter for other filmmakers (Santos Díaz Antón, Gonzalo García Pelayo, and Miguel Ángel Pérez Blanco). García Canga is also a translator and a published author whose texts on film and cinema have appeared in a number of books and magazines.


Contacto: pablogcanga@gmail.com


España | First Film

Dirección/Direction: Carlos Martínez-Peñalver
Co-guionista/Co-screenwriter: Joel Fontán
Production: OMEN
Estado/Current status: Escritura / Writing

Xoel leaves his city to work as a teacher in a small school of a remote village in Serra da Estrela. When he arrives there, he is haunted by memories: he has definitely been there before… Meanwhile, Herminio, a local shepherd, loses his job due to the pillaging his community is forced to endure. One night, he hears the voice of a star: it encourages him to cross the mountains and search for a new path.

Carlos Martínez-Peñalver Mas (Vigo, 1991) is a filmmaker, film editor, and co-founder of the film production company Omen. He graduated in Audiovisual Communication (USC/UPF). His work as a filmmaker includes music videos that portray the underground Galician music scene, as well as fiction short films. He has worked as an assistant film editor for Oliver Laxe’s Mimosas, and is currently working in the final editing phase of Alén Mar, a feature film directed by Andrés Sanjurjo.


Contacto: carlos.penhalver@gmail.com


Argentina | First Film

Dirección/Direction: Ingrid Pokropek
Produción: Remo Cine
Estado/Current status: Escritura, desarrollo / Writing, development

Los cuadernos del perro is a film that starts after a writer goes missing. Five teenagers –his former students– decide to illegally enter the professor’s house and use it as a venue for ritually keeping up the workshop sessions they used to have with him. The reasons why the man mysteriously disappeared –or maybe died– remain unknown, which leads the young students to make up hypotheses, receive inheritance, and, above all, take over –almost unwittingly– the old professor’s house.

Ingrid Pokropek (Buenos Aires, 1994)
Ingrid Pokropek (Buenos Aires, 1994) graduated from Universidad del Cine (FUC) and is currently working at El Pampero Cine. She has directed the short films Recalculando (2014), Es una ficción de arena (2017), and Shendy Wu: un diario (2019), and produced the feature film Las poetas visitan a Juana Bignozzi (Laura Citarella and Mercedes Halfon, 2019).