Pamela Biénzobas is a Chilean-French consultant, film critic, and journalist, and was one of the co-founders of the film magazine Revista de Cine Between 2005 and 2010, she was vice-president at FIPRESCI, where she is still an active member. In her more than 20 years of experience as a film critic, she was a regular contributor to several international magazines and books. Biénzobas has also experience in monitoring and evaluating projects, and has been part of selection committees for international funds and programs such as Abycine Lanza, Torino Film Lab, Rawi (Jordan), and Bellagio Center (Rockefeller Foundation) among others, and is a usual collaborator with film festivals like Rotterdam, Gijón, and Berlinale Forum.


Virginia García del Pino graduated in Fine Arts, but currently works as a filmmaker. She is also a professor in the Master’s degree in Documentary Filmmaking at Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Her work has earned her international recognition, and has been on show at a number of specialized festivals and museums of contemporary art. Her debut feature film, El jurado (2012) was premiered at the official selection of FID Marseille. In 2013, two festivals, Márgenes and L’Alternativa, devoted their retrospective sections to her work. Her second feature La 10ª carta (2014), which was premiered in San Sebastián, is a film portrait of the illustrious filmmaker Basilio Martín Patino. In 2018, her work Improvisaciones de una ardilla was awarded with Málaga’s silver Biznaga for Best Documentary Short Film. Respirar, correr, mirar (2018), one of her video installations, has been on show at Bombas Gens, Tabakalera, and Centro Montehermoso, and was featured at FICX’s last edition.


Gemma Vidal developed a career in the film industry, in the field of international sales, production, and programming. She also worked as coordinator of the production and distribution company Avalon, where she was in charge of a number of projects for feature films and TV series, such as Apuntes para una película de atracos, Mapa, and María (y los demás). Vidal is currently directing La Incubadora, a program for the development of feature films initiated by The Screen (ECAM). She has also collaborated as an external guest expert to contribute to the development of feature films at the MEDIA Creative Europe program. Her most recent work as a film producer is Ana Catalá’s short film Todas íbamos a ser reinas, featured in Montréal, Seminci, and Gijón, among other major international film festivals.


Alfonso Zarauza is a Galician filmmaker and screenwriter based in Santiago de Compostela. After developing a career in cinema and TV for several years, in 2008 he released his debut feature film La noche que dejó de llover. In 2013 he shot two more features, Encallados and Os fenómenos, which was premiered at the Málaga Film Festival in 2014 as part of the official selection. In the 13th edition of the Galician Mestre Mateo Awards, Os fenómenos earned him several awards: Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay, and Best Director. Zarauza has just finished shooting his new fiction feature, Ons.