España | Primeira longametraxe | Primer largometraje | First feature film

Dirección/Direction: Delfina Carlota Vázquez
Estado/Current status: Escritura, Desenvolvemento / Writing, Development

An epistolary short story, the narrator talks to a friend who has left about her recurring dreams, the discovery of living in a city full of invisible streams, a guerrilla group from the 70s that uses the hidden streams to blow up to the dictatorship. Her search to find the water that cannot be seen, cross the asphalt and reach the landscape clouds her dreams and obsesses her. What lives in those dark waters? In an accident her face breaks into the ground. During a summer storm the water emerges through the sewers in an uncontrollable overflow.

Delfina Carlota Vázquez (1993, Mendoza, Argentina) studied film at UNA, Universidad Nacional de las Artes, Buenos Aires, and specialized in documentary at BUAP, Puebla, México. Her short film Puede una montaña recorder all was the winner of the It’s all true 2021 international competition and was screened at several international festivals. She has devoted herself to analogue photography experimentation, self-portrait and editorial formats. She manifests a special interest in memory, history, nature and the invisible.


España | Primeira longametraxe | Primer largometraje | First feature film

Dirección/Direction: Elisa Celda
Producción/Production: Powehi Films
Estado/Current status: Escritura / Writing

France and Spain are practically deforested due to sixth generation grade fires. Young people are obliged to attend the mandatory training service of forestry brigade.

Elisa Celda (1995, Madrid, Spain), is a filmmaker and programmer. She studied at Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, San Sebastián, and ECAM, Madrid. She participates in the foundation in 2018 of Lejos lejos collective to program and produce. Her short film O arrais do mar (2019) won the Generation 2020 award from La Casa Encendida, Madrid, and the Arché Award from the Porto/Post/Doc Festival. Her work has been presented at festivals such as IDFA, True/False Film Fest, Documenta Madrid, FID Marseille and Curtocircuito, among others. In 2021 she was part of X Films at the Punto de Vista Festival. She is currently developing her first feature film, Nadie nos lo dijo, and programs at the Márgenes Festival.


España | Primeira longametraxe | Primer largometraje | First feature film

Dirección/Direction: Carmen Pedrero
Producción/Production: Carmen Pedrero
Estado/Current status: Escritura, Desenvolvemento / Writing, Development

Roberta, 8 years old, begins to masturbate and is curious about bodies, especially her own. One day, Roberta listens to her parents saying that it is not normal for her to do that regularly or that early, and that they should take her to therapy. Roberta begins to feel self-conscious about it and dirty. She hides it and thinks it’s a bad thing.

Carmen Pedrero (1996, Madrid, España), finished her film directing studies at ECAM in June 2021. Her latest short film, Vientos de primavera, is currently in the distribution phase, having had its international premiere at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, in the Future Frames section, and its national premiere at the Huesca International Film Festival, where she won the Danzante Award for Best Opera Prima. After finishing at ECAM, Carmen films Daytona, a short film in post-production after passing through the Atlàntida Mallorca Talent Lab 2022, and begins to prepare the short film La idea de una isla, selected at the French residency WoS Fabrique. She also films the short film Los días futuros. In September 2022, she is part of the New Talents program of the San Sebastian Festival.


España | Primeira longametraxe | Primer largometraje | First feature film

Dirección/Direction: Sara Traba
Producción/Production: Sara Traba
Estado/Current status: Desenvolvemento/Development

Forastera is 47 and lives in Germany, where she was born. Her mother, Galician, emigrated there when she was young and never returned. Her mother just passed away. Forastera has never visited the place where she was born and where her mother grew up, but she has made up images in her head. She didn’t know it, but her mother held a piece of land in Galicia. This forest is her inheritance, her last link with her maternal origin. She feels the need to know more about this place, so she decides to trip on her motorcycle from Germany to Corrubedo.

Sara Traba (1989, Vigo, Spain), holds a degree in Art History from USC, with experiences at L’Universitá degli studi dice Perugia (Italy), University of Havana (Cuba) and the Complutense University of Madrid. She graduated in Cinematography at Bande À Part, Barcelona Film School, specializing in Directing and Screenplay. She participated in various short film festivals with the short film As Vacas de Wisconsin, such as Sitges, Badajoz Iberian Film Festival, CUT OFF or BOGOSHORTS. The short film was a candidate for the Mestre Mateo Awards of the Galician Audiovisual Academy and for the Gaudí Awards of the Catalan Film Academy. The relationship with nature, its influence and reflection, identity and space are some of the themes that motivate her work.