The Master’s Dead | A morte do mestre

12 December | 12:30h | Teatro Principal 

Ecuador, Argentina | 2018 | 63’ | Color | DCP | GALICIAN PREMIÈRE

Dirección/Direction: José María Avilés. Guión/Script: José María Avilés, Felipe Troya.  Fotografía/Cinematography: José María Avilés. Montaxe/Editing: José María Avilés, Sebastián Schjaer. Son/Sound: Martín Scaglia, Felipe Troya. Intérpretes/Cast: Marcos Andrango, Wenceslao Tipán. Produción/Production: Felipe Troya. Produtora/Production Company: Angamarca Cine.

Maestro is dead. Devoted to keeping up the garden, he didn’t feel the earthquake that shook the coasts of the country. Hidden and protected from the outside world by the garden, the forces unleashed arrive like distant echoes. The days of the maestro, ordered by the routine of his work, start to unravel before the violence and strangeness of nature’s behavior, which he had, until then, controlled; a portentous, brutal force that eventually overcomes him.




Rotterdam International Film Festival 2018  – Bright Future Mid length

Sao Paulo International Film Festival 2018  – New Directors

Biarritz Amerique Latine Film Festival 2018


José María Avilés wrote and directed the short films Ricchieri (2013), Conversaciones en el Jardín (2014) Great Jury Prize at the 30th Cippolleti, screened at BAFICI, Biarritz and EDOC and Speed ​​Paradise (2015) –showed, among others, in the BAFICI and in Freiburg. He currently lives in San Sebastián and works on fiction feature films El Tesoro and La vida es nuestra.