Red Moon Tide  |  Luna Roja


Spain | 2020  | 85’ | Color

Dirección/Direction: Lois Patiño. Guión/Script: Lois Patiño. Fotografía/Cinematography: Lois Patiño. Montaxe/Editing: Christine Kim Pablo Gil Rituerto, Óscar de Gispert, Lois Patiño. Dirección de Arte/Artistic Direction: Jaione Camborda. Son/Sound: Juan Carlos Blancas. Intérpretes/Cast: Ana Marra, Carmen Martínez, Pilar Rodlos, Rubio de Camelle. Produción/Production: Felipe Lage Coro. Produtora/Production Company: Zeitun Films.

In a village on the Galician coast, life has slowed to a crawl. Their inhabitants stand motionless, even though their voices can be heard: they speak of ghosts, witches, and monsters.

Three women arrive at the place looking for Rubio, a sailor from the village who disappeared at sea.


Berlinale 2020. Forum.

Málaga 2020. Zona Zine. Best Spanish Film.

Pesaro 2020. Competition Pesaro Nuovo Cinema.