el año del descubrimiento


The Year of Discovery | O ano do descubrimento

España | 2020 | 210’ | Cor  

Dirección/Direction: Luis López Carrasco. Guión/Script: Luis López Carrasco y Raul Liarte. Fotografía/Cinematography: Sara Gallego Grau. Montaxe/Editing: Sergio Jiménez Barranguero. Son/Sound: Alberto Carlassare y Diego Staub.  Produción/Production: Luis Ferrón, Luis López Carrasco, Javier Fernández. Produtora/Production Company: Pedro Palacios, Daniel M. Caneiro, Ricard Sales, Marta Lacima.

Neighbors, youngsters and unemployed workers chat inside a bar between cigarettes, breakasts and snacks. They remember unusual dreams, share job stories and plan future projects. The bar is located in the city of Cartagena, in the southeast of Spain. As the day goes on, the riots from the industrial crisis of 1992 are heard more and more closely.


Cinéma du Réel 2020. Grand Prix
Thessaloniki Documentary Festival 2020. Golden Alexander Film Forward award
Jeonju IFF 2020. Special Jury Prize.