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Teatro Principal


Arxentina | 2021 | 62′ | Cor | SPANISH PREMIERE

Dirección/Direction: Agustina Pérez Rial. Guión/Script: Paulina Bettendorff. Fotografía/Cinematography: Pupeto Mastropasqua. Montaxe/Editing: Natalia Labaké. Son/Sound: Manuel Embalse. Produción/Production: Agustina Pérez Rial. Produtora/Production Company: Fiørd Estudio.

Fiørd Estudio

Av. Pres. Roque Sáenz Peña, 615, Buenos Aires, Argentina

perezrialagustina@gmail.com | www.fiordestudio.com

1968. Cold War. Intelligence services monitor “the infiltration of communism into culture”. Mar del Plata becomes the main stage of operations for a growing militarization. A Russian woman accompanies delegations from Eastern Europe in a controversial festival.

Agustina Pérez Rial (1982, Mar del Plata, Argentina). Producer and audiovisual director. She holds a degree in Communication Sciences (FSOC-UBA), a diploma in Cultural Management (IDAES-UNSAM) and a master’s degree in Discourse Analysis (FFyL-UBA). She is co-editor of the book Tránsitos de la mirada. Mujeres que hacen cine en Argentina (2014). Since 2017, Pérez Rial co-directs Fiørd Estudio and has specialized in audiovisual work with files. She directed Los Arcontes (2020) with Natalia Labaké. Danubio (2021) is her first feature film as a director and producer.


Mar del Plata 2021. Best Direction Award, ACCA Award, Eva Landek Award

DOK Leipzig 2022. Camera Lucida