Alberto Lechuga graduated in Journalism from the Faculty of Communication of Sevilla and works as film critic and cultural journalist for a number of Spanish media, such as Diario de Sevilla, Pandora Insight, and Granada Digital. Lechuga also manages Cineol, one of the first websites in Spanish devoted to contemporary cinema that also covers current events in the film industry. Since 2013, he is chief editor of Sofilm’s Spanish edition, and in 2016 he started working as director of the film magazine MK2 for the Spanish broadcaster Cine/Sur. As a critic and cultural journalist, he is a regular contributor to Sensacine and Rockdelux.



After graduating in Liberal Arts from Universidad Pompeu Fabra, she started working as a film critic and correspondent at major national and international film festivals. Her work has been featured in some of the most recognized international media of the industry, such as Cineuropa (Belgium), Desistfilm (Peru), and FilmAnd (Spain). Moseguí is also a member of the selection committee of Festival Márgenes, and works as a film programmer for the department of contemporary cinema at the art center La Casa Encendida (Madrid).



Daniel de Partearroyo is a film critic and journalist. He works as a copywriter at the online film magazine Cinemanía, and is a regular contributor to Sensacine, Sofilm, Mk2, and Transit, among other relevant media. As an author, he wrote several DVD booklets for Avalon (Murmur of the Heart, The Soft Skin), and makes cinephile memes in Twitter. The regular sleepy eyed guy you find at film festivals.