#AULA CREAS2i is devoted to the training of university students. This specialized training course has been designed in collaboration with CREAS2i, one of Pontevedra’s academy excellence programs specially developed for encouraging creativity and knowledge transfer.  
As a result of this collaboration, Novos Cinemas’ team organized Correntes, a workshop monitored by major Galician filmmaker Oliver Laxe.
During the months of April, May, and June, Laxe mentored ten Galician university students, helping them develop their audiovisual projects focusing on the River Lérez and the connections between rivers and the human being, both of them understood as intrinsic parts of nature.


Impartido por Oliver Laxe

27 June | 18:00h | Teatro Principal | Free entrance until complete capacity


The dualist, dissociated gaze of modern society perceives –and, therefore, conceptualizes– the world in a way that separates content and form, body and soul, man and nature. To transcend these dichotomies, to transcend the fractures of modernity –these are, probably, some of the fundamental goals of art (if art were to have any goals).
Even though I am almost fifteen years older than the participants of this workshop, we still share most of the struggles of the modern man –that internal division, the separation from Nature. Contemplating the wise mirror of River Lérez, we became fully conscious of that separation, and realized that not much is needed for feeling that original union again.
The human being is at the core of most of the works developed within the framework of this workshop. Most of the participants chose to portray their friends in the surroundings of the river. This is, I believe, a good sign, especially in the context of the contemporary cinema scene, where many filmmakers opt for evasion. All the films created during the workshop are genuine reflections of a generation, of a particular time in history, of instants that will never happen again.

Oliver Laxe