aul+novos // na clase

During the school year 2018-2019 (and for the third time since the creation of the festival), Novos Cinemas put in place Na clase, an initiative intended to bring film culture into Galicia’s schools and high schools. In collaboration with several groups of teachers and students, our team developed a range of educational activities focusing on cinema and its history. This year we proposed a training program that encouraged the discovery of pre-cinema. The course, specially designed to suit the young learner’s needs, combined masterclasses on the various events and technologies that led to the invention of moving pictures with practical workshops. This contributed to create a stimulating environment for young students, encouraging them to reflect on a historical period that is key to understanding cinema as we know it.

We wish to thank the principals and administration staff of the three schools of Pontevedra with which we shared this wonderful and enriching experience: EEI Concepción Crespo Rivas and CEIP do Carballal.