#AULA+NOVOS // workshop Cinema and Painting

19 Decembro | 11:00h | Museo de Pontevedra 

Para rapaces e rapazas de entre 8 e 12 anos.

Impartido por Taller Abierto. Gratuíto previa inscrición.

Inscricións en contacto@tallerabierto.info📌

Experimenting with cinema

Since its birth, the cinema has incorporated technical advances that allowed it to improve the construction of visual story.

While it is true that these findings contributed to streamlining production processes and to opening new creative paths, it is also true that they had an impact on cinema’s artisan work, much more linked to the artistic field.

At present, there are filmmakers who recover devices considered obsolete and formats in disuse to claim the brotherhood of cinema with plastic art. These less sophisticated mediums allow them to return to the essence of cinema, linked to music and painting.

In this workshop, primary school boys and girls will learn about the work of some of these creators, whose work is closer to contemporary plastic creation than to the conventional cinematographic story.

In addition, they will experiment with some of these instruments to compose the images of their own story.