29-30 June | 10:00h – 13:00h| Casa das Campás | Free Entry. Pre-registration is required

LUZ•SOL•TEMPO Novos Cinemas’ popular workshop on solargraphy –designed and facilitated by the professors and filmmakers Diego Calvín and Otto Roca– comes back in this second edition of the festival. The workshop, which is open to children from 8-12 years old, focuses on the possibilities and limits of photosensitivity inside a camera obscura. In this workshop we will explore the inside of a man-sized camera obscura and develop a number of activities aiming to enhance the participants’ understanding of light propagation, image formation, and photosensitivity.

We will propose a practical approach to study two main issues: the motivations behind the pioneer photographers that put their efforts into developing and refining the camera obscura in the nineteenth century, and the origins of photography and how it evolved into capturing moving images.
Participants will be invited to discover the basics of solargraphy with the help of practical examples and will learn how to modify pinhole devices and combine them with digital and analog cameras for shooting video.

Imparted by
Diego López Calvín, Otto Roca y José Oubiña

Adressed to kids (8-12)
Free. Pre-registration required (until Monday 26):
Send e-mail with the subject “Obradoiro +NOVOS ” to info@novoscinemas.com, and fill in the Authoritation (Download).