10 December | 17:00h. | Teatro | Free


In this workshop film portraits become a territory where the filmmaker and the observed may meet. Getting closer, adjusting the tension, keeping a safe distance, invading, expanding, contracting, breathing, shaking, celebrating…. Cinema as living matter, something that expresses the gesture of the creator and their relationship with what they film. During this exercise for revealing the gaze, for making it explicit, the students opened themselves, engaging in a dialogue all throughout their creative process. All of them learned from the filmic processes of their fellow students, sharing questions and critical perspectives. This time for openness and fragility made us more aware of the ethic and aesthetic decisions present in the creations of the young filmmakers. Inspired by author documentary films and experimental cinema, they built their narratives from the more formal elements, exploring the cinematographic gesture and the imprint that the gaze leaves. Questions, questions, questions.

Today, more than ever, we need to think critically about our relationship with images.


Jaione Camborda (Donostia/San Sebastián, 1983) is one of the most recognized filmmakers of the contemporary Galician film scene. After finishing her studies at the Prague Film School (FAMU) and the Munich Film School (HFF), Jaione Camborda moved to Galicia. There, she set up the production company Esnatu Zinema, with which she gained a reputation as a director of experimental films. Jaione opted to develop her work using celluloid, a choice that relies on the physicality and the lyrical potential of film grain. Her usual imaginary tends to revolve around the relationship between human and animal, violence, and atavism. 

As a screenwriter and art director, she has worked on several films, such as Los fenómenos (2014), Las altas presiones (2015), and Tempo vertical (2017). She is also the creator behind the headers of Punto de Vista’s 12th edition and Novos Cinemas’ 02 edition. Arima (2019), Camborda’s first feature film, written, produced, and directed by her, has been selected to the festival’s opening film this year.