Architecture of stories: space in the cinema

18 DEC.
11.00h. a 12.30h.
Museo de Pontevedra
Workshop for children. 8-12 years
Registration required

Architecture of stories: space in the cinema


The plot and characters are the main ingredients of a film, but there are some other factors that contribute to a good story turning into a masterpiece. Space and architecture are some of the fastening points for the plot development of a film, but in many cases, these elements transcend their functional destination and become real characters: making it almost impossible to understand the story without its sensory, physical and metaphorical presence.

From a reference film representative of the history of cinema, in this workshop we will address the postulates of the architecture of the Modern Movement and its relations with the city and the urban context.

It is a creative activity that encourages the critical spirit and where each member will reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of concepts or terms as tradition or modernity.