Absolute Denial

17 DEC.
Teatro Principal


United Kingdom | 2021 | 71′ | B/W | GALICIAN PREMIERE

Dirección/Direction: Ryan Braund. Guión/Script: Ryan Braund. Guión gráfico/Storyboard: Ryan Braund. Animación/Animation: Ryan Braund. Montaxe/Editing: Ryan Braund. Música/Music: Troy Russell. Son/Sound: Ryan Braund , Jeremy J. Smith-Sebasto. Intérpretes/Cast: Nick Eriksen, Jeremy J. Smith-Sebasto, Harry Dyer, Heather Gonzalez, Jef Leeso. Produción/Production: Chris Hees, Ryan Braund. Produtora/Production Company: BRIDGE WAY FILMS, ABSOLUTE DENIAL FILMS LTD.

An obsessive and genius programmer sacrifices everything in his personal and professional life to build a computer of unprecedented power. After weeks of isolation and watching his life crumble around him, he must now confront a bigger problem: the machine is smarter than him.

Ryan Braund has been making films since he was 16. At 18, he was the youngest ever recipient of the BAFTA 60 Seconds of Fame Award for his stop motion short film Stick Together. Since then, he wrote, directed and animated numerous short films and won multiple awards, including Best Film at Horrorfest for Break-In and a Royal Television Society Award for his graduation film Four Thieves and the Not-So Sweet Shop. After graduating in Television and Film Design, Ryan spent several years as an editor and director of live news broadcasts for BBC News as well as shooting, directing and editing award-winning music videos. Ryan has just solo-animated his highly ambitious debut feature film Absolute Denial; a behemoth of a project requiring over 30,000 frames of hand drawn animation.


Anneçy 2021. Contrachamps
Imagine FF 2021.Official Selection 
Sitges 2021. Anima’t