15 December | 12:30h | Teatro Principal 

Spain | 2018 | 65’ | Color | DCP | GALICIAN PREMIÈRE

Dirección/Direction: María Antón Cabot. Guión/Script: Marina Maesso Moratilla. Fotografía/Cinematography: Ana Catalá. Montaxe/Editing: María Antón Cabot. Son/Sound: Daniel Rincón. Produción/Production: Carlos Pardo Ros. Produtora/Production Company: DVEIN Films.

In summer the parks are full of thighs, arms and navels because it’s very hot and clothes are too much. Or maybe that’s not all. Far from the asphalt, in those leafy areas, nature explodes. There, an ecosystem of webs is generated that connects the boiling young people’s walk with that of the other people that vibrate there.



DOK Leipzig 2018
Sevilla European Film Festival 2018 –  Permanent Revolutions
L’Alternativa – Panorama


María Antón Cabot is a filmmaker and editor who works in publicity and cinema. In 2009 establishes the film collective Lacasinegra that works on the experimentation with new visual formats and devices. Her works have been shown in CCCB (Barcelona), the Contemporary Art Show of Geneva. In 2013 she directs, with Lacasinegra, the film, Pas à Genève. As an editor, she worked on Una vez fuimos salvajes (Once We Were Wild, 2016), which won the NUMAX award from the Latexos section in the last edition of Novos Cinemas. She is developing her new feature film documentary at Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola.