Thinking with Images: Designing for Cinema

15 December 2018 | 13:00h – 13:00h | Museo de Pontevedra | Free Entry. Pre-registration is required.


Children from 8 to 12 years old.

The works by Saul Bass, one of the golden names in the field of graphic design, are the point of departure for this visual arts workshop. His designs for movie titles and posters mainly rely on limited color palettes and general minimalism. During the workshop, the participants will be provided with the basic rules of “visual grammar” and guided to create a graphic message representing one of the films on show.

Taller Abierto is a collective devoted to designing and implementing art and cultural projects. Their experience in the art field includes organizing workshops, guided visits, and events, as well as coordinating learning networks and curating exhibitions. In the field of education, they focus on designing specialized programs for developing learning and social integration skills through visual arts and architecture, and have put into place several conferences and seminars on these topics.