L’île aux oiseaux


Bird Island

14 December | 19:00h | Teatro Principal

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Switzerland | 2019 | 60| Color  GALICIAN PREMIÈRE

Dirección/Direction: Maya Kosa, Sergio da Costa. Guión/Script: Maya Kosa, Sergio da Costa. Fotografía/Cinematography: Sergio da Costa. Montaxe/Editing: Gabriel Gonzalez, Maya Kosa, Sergio da Costa. Son/Sound: Xavier Lavorel. Intérpretes/Cast: Antonin Ivanidze, Paul Sauteur, Emilie Bréthaut, Sandrine Bierna, Iwan Fasel, Patrick Jacot. Produción/Production: Joëlle Bertossa, Flavia Zanon. Produtora/Production Company: Close Up Films.

After a long period of isolation, Antonin, a young man suffering from persisting exhaustion, rediscovers the world at a rehabilitation center for birds. In this strange place wounded birds and lost souls cohabit, lulled by the sounds of airplanes.


67º San Sebastián International Film Festival – Zabaltegui Tabakalera

72° Locarno Film Festival – Concorso Cineasti del Presente

Black Canvas CCF (México) – International Competition New Horizon Best Film

Maya Kosa (Geneva, 1985) and Sergio Da Costa (Lausanne, 1984) have a degree in cinema from the Haute École d’art et de design (HEAD) in Geneva. After filmed two shorts together, their first feature documentary, Rio Corgo (2015), was premièred in Berlin in 2016 and awarded at Crossing Europe and Doclisboa.