Spain | Second film

Dirección/Direction: Laia Alabart, Laura Rius, Marta
Produción/Production: Laia Alabart, Laura
Rius, Marta Verheyen.
Estado/Current status: Writing.

The Garden brings together three stories linked by a common visual thread: a garden that represents the need to connect with reality, to leave virtuality behind. Through the vital experiences of a young woman and a little boy, we are invited to explore moods, sensations, lights, and gestures that take us on a journey from summer to winter, from Barcelona to the Costa Brava and Galicia.

Laia Alabart (Barcelona, 1991), Laura Rius (Barcelona, 1991), and Marta Verheyen (Torroella de Montgrí, 1991) graduated in audiovisual communication from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where they developed their first feature film, Les amigues de l’Àgata (2014) in collaboration with Alba Cros. Laura is currently studying film editing at La Fémis (Paris).


Contact: laia.alabart@gmail.com


Belgium, Galicia | First film

Dirección/Direction: Hugo Amoedo
Estado/Current status: Development, writing.

Maarten (30) is an artist living in Brussels. He works as a waiter and plays in a trash-noise band whose concerts are insane. One day, his life changes: he needs to undergo surgery, and his body and face are entirely replaced. With a new face and a new body, to which he is not able to accustom himself, he tries to rebuild his life from scratch.

Hugo Amoedo was born in Galicia in 1987. After spending five years in Madrid, six months in Amsterdam, and one in Barcelona, he moved to Brussels, where he has been living for the last six years. He is currently working on his “Belgian trilogy”, which brings together his films Camping Wesertal (2013), Europa (2017), and his brand new project Young Professionals. He also works as film editor and writes about films, books, and thoughts.


Contact: hugoamoedocanal@gmail.com


Galicia | First film

Dirección/Direction: Nico Mártinez Millán
Produción/Production: OMEN
Estado/Current status: Writing, development.

Where the Namib Desert and the Atlantic Ocean meet rises the city of Walvis Bay. Benjamín, a Galician immigrant, is forced to go back to his hometown after twenty-five years abroad. He has gone blind and can’t continue his job. He had always longed for a return to Galicia, but now that it is unavoidable it seems that his feelings have changed. SÓS is a story of uprooting and isolation.

Nico Martínez (O Hío, Cangas do Morrazo) is a Galician filmmaker and film editor. After graduating in audiovisual communication, he obtained a master’s degree in creative documentary filmmaking from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona). He has edited feature films (The Distance of the Names) and for major Spanish cultural organizations, such as CCCB, TVE, and UPF.


Contact: nico@omen.cat


Argentine | Second film

Dirección/Direction: Guillerma pico.
Produción/Production: Guillerma pico.
Estado/Current status: Writing.

Las galaxias is a film about three women from very different backgrounds who live in La Pampa, Argentina. A genealogy made up of imagined pieces of their family history that trace back to their Italian, Syrian, and Ranquel ancestors, and mix up with the starry sky, the plain, and the dust of the Pampean desert. A film that explores the links existing between different generations of the same family, inviting us to reflect upon the passage of time and the echoes of stories we have been told.

Guillermina Pico (1985) is an Argentinian filmmaker born in Santa Rosa (La Pampa) and based in Buenos Aires. Her short features and documentaries have earned her prestigious awards at major film festivals around the world. Her first feature film, Erase Everything I Said About Love (2016)


Contact: minapico@gmail.com, cargocollective.com/guilerminapico.