Lab Proyects 2018


Suiza-España | Segundo Largometraje

Dirección/Direction: Alberto Martín Menacho
Estado/Current status: Escritura, Desarrollo.

Antier Noche tells the story of a group of teenagers living in the south of present-day Europe in a rural setting surrounded by fields of holm oaks and cork trees, where modern weapons and old arts meet. The camera follows them from the cold months, when the people go hunting, to the hot days of summer, spent swimming under the sun.

Alberto Martín Menacho is a film editor and filmmaker. He graduated in Visual Arts from the Geneva School of Art and Design, and his works have been on exhibition at art centers, Museums, and international film festivals, such as Musée de l’Elysée in Lausanne, the Munich Film Museum, Belfort Entrevues Film Festival, and IFFR.




España-Chile | Primer Largometraje

Dirección/Direction: Andrés Sanjurjo.
Produción/Production: Andrés Sanjurjo Films / Tirol Ltda.
Estado/Current status: Preprodución/Pre-production.

In search of an imagined past of their land, a filmmaker and his partner travel to Chiloé, an island once called New Galicia. Once in there, they decide to build a hut. During its construction, they meet a number of locals.

Andrés Sanjurjo (A Coruña, Spain, 1993) graduated in Audiovisual Communication from Universidad de Burgos and holds a Master’s degree in Creative Documentary from Universidad Pompeu Fabra. Sanjurjo has attended workshops by Abbas Kiarostami and Víctor Erice, and has been part of Oliver Laxe’s film crew during the shooting of his film A Sun that Never Sets.


Arxentina | Segunda longametraxe

Dirección/Direction: Malena Solarz.
Produción/Production: Esquimal Cine.
Estado/Current status: Desenvolvemento/Development.

Pedro and Sol have just finished secondary school. Their friends still need to repeat a few tests, but they spend the summertime in hobbies that might become their real jobs. In her piano lessons, Sol reviews old recordings from her early childhood. Pedro develops an interest in drama and starts a secret writing workshop. Even though they might not have realized it, they are becoming adults.

Malena Solarz (Buenos Aires, 1982) holds a degree in filmmaking from Universidad del Cine, where she has been teaching history of cinema, screenwriting, and filmmaking since 2007. She collaborates with the film magazine Revista de cine, and has co-written and co-directed El invierno llega después del otoño (2016) along with Nicolás Zukerfeld.




Galicia | Segunda longametraxe

Dirección/Direction: Ángel Filgueira.
Estado/Current status: Escritura/Writing.

III é unha historia de amor e de sexo. 15 capítulos que recollen momentos dunha relación de tres persoas, das súas miradas, dos seus intereses, das súas camas. Como é entrar en alguén xa amado,compartir un amor e facelo aínda máis grande ata explotalo en fogos arificiais. Un bloque xeado, unha luz sensual e unha serpe debuxan un triángulo de cores. Sobre un sucio edredón de flores.

Ángel Filgueira (Redondela, Galicia, 1992) graduated in Audiovisual Communication from Universidade de Vigo. He attended the Université Michel de Montaigne (Bordeaux, France) as an Erasmus student, and benefited from a SICUE scholarship at Universidad de Sevilla in Spain. Filgueira directed several short films, such as Espazo, Nome, and El cuadrado. In 2015, he moved back to Seville, where he shot his first feature film Sevilla y Gomorra (2018).