#lab experts


Mariana Barassi is a screenwriter and cultural agent specializing in training programs and film development. For the past ten years, she has lived and worked in Madrid. Barassi develops an ongoing collaboration with major Spanish and Latin American entities devoted to the coordination and implementation of platforms for the encouragement of art. number of workshops and
training activities. Since its creation in 2003, she has been general coordinator of the Training Program for the Development of Ibero-American Film Projects, and also coordinates Márgenes/Work, Márgenes Film Festival’s platform for the development of emerging filmmaking.


Santiago Fillol is a writer, professor, and filmmaker. After graduating in philosophy in Argentina, he obtained postgraduate degree in audiovisual studies from Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain), where he works as a Professor of Literature and Filmmaking. His feature film Ich Bin Enric Marco was released in 2009. He has collaborated with renowned filmmakers, such as Isaki Lacuesta and Nicolas Klotz, and has worked as assistant director and screenwriter for Oliver Laxe (Mimosas, 2016). He is currently co-writing the scripts for Laxe’s next feature films. Fillol has worked as editor and consultant for Intermedio, a film editing and distribution company. As a writer, he has collaborated in several collective works, including Werner Herzog (2015) and Motivos visuales del cine (2016). His book Historias de la desaparición was published in 2017.


Ramiro Ledo (Galicia, Spain) is President, co-founder and member of NUMAX, a Galician cooperative society devoted to cinema. He is also in charge of its associated movie theatre and manages NUMAX Distribución –an independent distribution company dedicated to encouraging contemporary auteur filmmaking that also schedules screenings of restored classic films. Films shown at NUMAX (always in their original version) include The Idea of a Lake, Cavalo Dinheiro, and Mimosas. In addition to the movie theatre, NUMAX brings together a book shop and a film lab. As a filmmaker, Ledo has directed several films and short films, including VidaExtra (2013) and O proceso de Artaud (2010).


Nathalie Trafford is a filmmaker and producer. She started out as an art director assistant during the eighties in Spain. In 1993 she wrote and directed Retour de Normandie, a short movie that earned her the Résistance award at the Grenoble Film Festival in 1994. In 1995 she started her career as a producer in Chile, her country of birth, with Pasos de Baile, a documentary-fiction directed by Ricardo Larraín. In 1996 she set up the production company Paraíso Production Diffusion, where she worked as manager and executive producer. Since then, she has dedicated herself to encouraging young talented filmmakers, such as Andres Wood, Camila Guzmán, Bruno Rolland, Jihane Chouaib. She has produced and co-produced several feature films and short films.