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Portugal | 2021 | 70′ | Colour |

Dirección/Direction: Susana Nobre. Guión/Script: Susana Nobre. Fotografía/Cinematography: João Gazua. Montaxe/Editing: João Rosas. Son/Sound: Nuno Mourão. Intérpretes/Cast: Armindo Martins Rato, Maria Carvalho, Joaquim Veríssimo. Produción/Production: Emidio Barbosa. Produtora/Production Company: Terratreme Filmes.

Terratreme Filmes

Campo Grande, 111, 1700-089 Lisboa, Portugal

nevena.desivojevic@terratreme.pt | www.terratreme.pt

At 63 years old and almost retired, Joaquim is forced to follow job center rules so he can collect unemployment benefits. Despite knowing that he will never return to active life, he must go from company to company asking for stamps to attest that he is looking for work. In these trips, he reminisces about his life as an immigrant to the U.S., where he worked as a cab driver in New York and witnessed numerous Wall Street crashes.

Susana Nobre (1974, Lisbon, Portugal) holds a degree in Communication Sciences from the Universidade Nova of Lisbon. She took a Filmmaking course with the collaboration of The London Film School, within the scope of the Creativity and Artistic Creation Program of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. Nobre belongs to the production company Terratreme since 2006 where she made the films Jack’s Ride (2021), Ordinary Time (2018), The Philosophical Journeys -episode 3 within Tracking the Naturalists– (2016), Trials, Exorcisms (2015), Active Life (2013), Lisbon-Province (2010) and Daycare Hospital (2003). Her films have been screened at several international festivals such as the Berlinale (Forum), Cannes (Quinzaine Des Réalisateurs), Rotterdam, Angers, Viennale, Vila do Conde, Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, etc. Along with her activity as a filmmaker, Nobre also worked in the production of films by directors such as João Rosas, Basil da Cunha and Pedro Peralta, among others. She is currently in the post-production phase of her latest feature film, Cidade Rabat.


Documenta Madrid, 2021. Honorable Mention Award

Indielisboa, 2021. Best Portuguese Feature Film Award

FIDOCS, Chile, 2021. Jury Honorable Mention Award

Caminhos do Cinema Português, 2021. CISION Press Award