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Novos Cinemas’ aesthetic ideology relies on three interconnected factors: cinema exhibition, meeting the experts, and proper training. All of them contributed to the formation of NOVOS CINEMAS#LAB: a program specially designed to provide a training and tutoring environment to foster the development of nascent projects by emerging filmmakers.

#LAB’s main purpose is to encourage the meeting of skilled, professional filmmakers and agents that are receptive to independent film projects. Our goal is to help promising independent works become fully developed films and to effectively bring them into the constantly evolving cinema market, with its countless variables in terms of supply and demand.

The NOVOS CINEMAS#LAB program will be divided into two phases. In the first phase, the organization of Novos Cinemas will select up to four projects. In the second phase –during Edition 01 of Novos Cinemas–, a team of professionals with proven experience and international prestige will examine, evaluate and supervise the selected projects.




  • NOVOS CINEMAS#LAB is open to regional, national and international cinematographic projects from all over the world.
  • The submitted project must be the first or second film directed by the applicant filmmaker. Projects can be submitted at any stage of production: writing, development or postproduction.
  • The supporting documents can be submitted in Spanish, Galician, and English.
  • Entrants must submit the Entry Form along with their Dossier to the following e-mail address: info@novoscinemas.com.
    • Dossier
      • Bio­filmography of the director/producer
      • Synopsis
      • Project report
      • Director’s statement
      • *Optional: audiovisual material
  • The project report shall not exceed 2,500 words (three pages).
  • Optional audiovisual material should be accessible to the organization via a link to the content. Please be aware of the length limitations:
    • Scene or sequence – No longer than five minutes.
    • Teaser – No longer than three minutes.
  • The closing deadline to submit applications and all supporting material is April 29, 2016.
  • The organization will select four (4) projects, which will be announced no later than June 1, 2016. The creators of the projects chosen to take part in the NOVOS CINEMAS#LAB program will be notified via e­mail.




  • #LAB will be held on July 1­2, 2016.
  • The selected projects will be examined, evaluated and guided by four internationally renowned experts.
  • The organization will cover all expenses related to accommodation and meals for the four selected directors. The costs of their travel expenses (flight tickets) will be partially reimbursed (each case will be considered individually).
  • If a project selected to take part in NOVOS CINEMAS#LAB ends up becoming a successfully completed film, the legitimate copyright owner or owners bind themselves to include the following statement in the starting credits of the final film:

This project was exhibited in NOVOS CINEMAS#LAB + festival’s logo




You can download the entry form in INFO > DOWNLOADS > #LAB Entry Form