• NOVOS CINEMAS award to the Best Film. João Nicolau (Portugal | 2015 | 100’). Awarded by the International Jury (2.000€).
  • YOUNG JURY, “SCREENLY” award. Ted Fendt (USA | 2016 | 61’). This award is intended to promote the distribution of the winning film by making it available at the online “screening upon request” platform Screenly.
  • CINEMAS DE GALICIA”, audience award in colaboration with AGADIC. SIEMBRA de Santiago Lozano y Ángela Osorio (Colombia, Alemania | 2015 | 80’) The purpose of this award is to boost up the distribution of the winning film by exhibiting it in Galicia’s local network of cinemas (Cinemas de Galicia – AGADIC).
  • Jury Special Mention. LU BYAN YE CAN (Kaili Blues), de Gan Bi (China | 2015 | 113’)