Ana Isabel Strindberg, Jonás Trueba and Diana Toucedo form the International Jury for Edition 01

The International Jury for Edition 01 of Pontevedra International Film Festival, which will take place from June 28th to July 3rd, will be formed by programmer Ana Isabel Strindberg and filmmakers Jonás Trueba and Diana Toucedo. All three members of this jury will watch the nine features included in the Official Selection and they will be tasked with giving away the Novos Cinemas Award for Best Picture, with an economic endowment of 2,000€.

The festival will bestow two more accolades: the  Young Jury “Screenly” Award and the Audience “Cinemas de Galicia” Award. The Screenly Award intends to help distribution of the winning film by including it in the catalogue of the on-demand screening platform Screenly ( and supporting its promotion within it. The winning picture in this category will be selected by the Young Jury, composed of Pablo Vázquez, Flavia Rodríguez, Santiago Morales, Iria Silvosa and Nerea Darriba. All of them Audiovisual Communication students at Campus of Pontevedra.

The Audience Award, in collaboration with AGADIC, will entail the inclusion of the film in the public screening room network “Cinemas de Galicia”. This way, the public will be able to choose which picture it considers to be the best in this Edition 01 of Novos Cinemas.



Ana Isabel Strindberg pursued Literature and Modern Linguistics studies at Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle and received a degree in Art History from the École du Louvre. While being a student, she worked as a journalist and art critic. After moving to Lisbon in 1997, she met director João César Monteiro, to whom she was Assistant Director for eight years. Strindberg also coordinated the program of Malaposta’s Encontros Internacionais de Cinema Documental Festival, and was the director and programmer of Doclisboa (Lisbon International Documentary Film Festival) from 2004 to 2007. Between 2005 and 2007, she was also a member of’s editorial board, and has served as a juror and programmer at several international film festivals. Strindberg is currently working as a programmer for the Malaposta Cultural Center, and as an associated programmer for Indielisboa International Independent Film Festival.



Jonás Trueba (Madrid, 1981) ) is a young Spanish writer and filmmaker. He was nominated for the Goya Award for Best New Director for his film Every Song Is about Me (Todas las canciones hablan de mí, 2010). His previous film, The Wishful Thinkers (Los ilusos, 2013) was acclaimed by the public and the critics at film festivals around the world. He also directed the medium-length film Miniatures (Miniaturas, 2011) and co-wrote No Pain No Gain (Más pena que Gloria, 2000) and Go Away from Me (Vete de mí, 2005) by Víctor García León, and The Dancer and the Thief (El baile de la Victoria, 2009), by Fernando Trueba. His work as a screenwriter for Fernando Trueba’s film earned him a nomination for a Goya Award for Best Adapted Screen Screenplay. He has directed music videos for Nacho Vegas (La gran broma final) and El Hijo (Balada baladí). He has also written the book Las ilusiones (published by Periférica) and has a column (El viento sopla donde quiere) in the Spanish newspaper El Mundo where he reflects upon filmmaking and the cinema industry. Trueba combines his professional career with his activity as a university professor and is currently working on a new film, La reconquista.



Diana Toucedo is a Galician filmmaker living in Barcelona, best known for being the editor of La noche que no acaba, a documentary film by Catalan director Isaki Lacuesta, and of The Fifth Gospel of Kaspar Hauser (O quinto evanxeo de Gaspar Hauser), directed by Alberto Gracia. She also edited the Spanish-German co-production Bugarach (Nanouk Films, Filmtank), recognized with several international awards. Toucedo is the author of a number of experimental short films that have been on show iin film festivals and art centres around the world. She has directed a full-length documentary film (En todas as mans), and is currently working on her second, Trinta lumes. She combines her work as a film editor with teaching at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, UAB, and ESCAC.